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Embarrasing Moment

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Crash, slip, slide is the biggest embarrassment that I will never forget! I was in third grade and I was new so I really didn’t know what was going on. Then on a bad day a person puts ketchup and chocolate milk on me ,they said it was just an’ accident!’’ It was really irritating that he put ketchup on me. Was I a ketchup bottle? After that day ,they all started laughing at me!

I’m minding my own business, talking to my best friends. My teacher dismissed the people from the table. I was talking to my friend on the way to the trash can I just threw my stuff in the trash, and give my plate to the cafeteria worker. I turned around, and a person tried to put there plate in the trash. Well, this is where the story gets dangerous. The person tried to throw it in, but it seemed like he threw it at me!

The person then leans over and his full opened bottle of chocolate milk spilled on my shirt and my hair! Then I fell down into a puddle of ketchup! I started screaming and my friend Alexis helped me up. I had ketchup everywhere! He says “I am so sorry”. Then teachers came to look. They walked away like nothing happened. I wanted to say “Thanks for your help!” I knew I was already in trouble so I didn’t want to be in even more trouble.

The principal came in and grabbed the bullhorn and says, “What was the yelling about?” Everyone slid back, I slide back but that didn’t work that well I fell back on my head on the floor and everyone tried to laugh. I started to get mad and throw ketchup on him but then the principal grabs me and the boy. I came in her office and I said what happened, that was my side of the story, then the boy came in and told his side of the story. He came out and apologized to me and I apologized to him. I was having the worst day ever!
I called my mom and I went home. I told my mom and then principal called and told her, she just said ok. I had to wash my hair, that was really hard. That was an Embarrassing moment, but, if you always...


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