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Why is Corruption So Bad in the World? - Summary

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Lacrisha Hulin
English 106
Weslea Bell

                                      Why is Corruption So Bad in the World?

A concept of corruption is a very, cultural phenomenon that has been around since the beginning of the world civilizations. Generally, corruption can be defined as moral perversion; depravity. Today, unlike in the early civilizations, corruption is not only found in the government, but also in the church, private sectors, the police force, the collegiate and pro athletic system, and in education, just to name a few. When determining how corruption changes people’s lives and the consequences of it, one must first look at the types and causes of corruption as well as what   types of behaviors possess   an individual to become corrupt. Although corruption may be considered as more rampant in third-world economies, she asserts that elected officials in wealthy countries also tend to use public office for their personal gain. Corruption is a growing global epidemic. Our understanding of its causes is limited. Combining data from several sources, the current article tests the validity of social support theory in explaining corruption in an integrated structural model. The findings support our theoretical speculation: our social support measure is a strong predictor of corruption in the model.
In addition, undemocratic governments with inadequate checks and balances indirectly contribute to the high level of corruption in a nation. Democracy promotes human development and bolsters social support for citizens' wellbeing, both of which reduce the level of corruption in a nation. Inequality fosters corruption indirectly through reduced human development and reduced social support. We conclude that criminologists need not await the determinations of international legal systems to study scathing behavior, such as corruption.[
Corruption is the greatest impediment to conducting business in Russia, according to leaders recently surveyed by the...


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