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Adam Waited

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When dealing with God, you cannot but learn to be patient. Many have missed their miracles because they could not endure for an additional minute, hour, day, month or year and so on.

If you have expectations... Particularly great expectations, you will have no choice but to wait as long as is required.

If you check from the begining, you will see men having to wait on God to get their desires. If the issue is of paramount importance, they may be required to wait longer.

Adam have to wait on the Lord to before he could recieve Eve..

Genesis 2:21-25 says God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam. All the while God prepared Eve for Adam; the latter was asleep, resting in Gods presence. He was in a state where he was not doing anything by his strenght but wholly leaned on Gods power, wisdom, ability and timing.

He waited until Eve came. Unfortunately, many singles today are too much in a hurry. They want God to give them spouse yet, they pray for five minutes and   in the sixth minutes they expect their life partner to surface. It does not work that like that!

If you want a good wife or husband from God, you must give Him some time to prepare him or her.

Although the spouses of some brethren are ready and available, they themselves are however not prepared.

If God releases their heart desire to them in their unprepared state, there would be serious problems in homes started by such couples.

To hasten the preparations of your Eve or Adam, pray, wait on the Lord and study His word.

Obey God in every area and make Him happy with you. Also start to get ready for marriage. Learn to be more tolerant and accommodating.


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