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If I Were a Mayor

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The ballots are in and tallied for Newark’s mayor election. After months of campaigning Ivy Adu Poku is the new mayor of Newark New Jersey.   A mayor is a very tedious and daunting job that requires leadership and hard work. Every elected person has ambitions. They want positive change for the community and the people in it. I have dreams too, dreams to make a better safer community for everyone. Newark used to be a great place but now all you hear are sirens everyday. I have a vision of making Newark a peaceful place.

As a mayor of Newark I would create a youth program to keep kids off the street. Numerous of gun violence result from kids, teens and young adults. A lot of kids get pressured into taking the wrong path of life due to their personal problems. Youth program will take their mind of negative path and even let them discover their talent. For instance there is a program at student center where student discover their talent. A kid dealing with drug program never thought he was great at playing basketball. During the program, he discovers his talent and stops his negative act. As a result, he won several basketball championships and is reaching success. I will create youth program not only during summer but after school. This will not only make kids successful but also decrease gun violence and death.

As the mayor of Newark I will create more Jobs for teens. As a teen myself from I have witness the difficulty of getting a job. A lot of teens’ families are not financial stable which lead them to a rough path such as selling drugs and so much more. I had a chat with a boy who was selling drugs. I ask him “why the need to sell drugs”? “Why not get a job”? He responded by saying “You do not get it. I have spent my every time searching for a job and none of them are hiring. This is my fast money and if I get a job I will gladly stop”.   Jobs will not only prevent teens from selling drugs but also teach them independent, responsibility and money management...


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