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Cultural Hazards - Summary

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Cultural Hazards
Humans behave accordingly to their cultural background. Whether they are an inside or "outdoorsy" person they would be subject to different hazards. If they stay inside their body would be missing out vitamin D but if they stay outdoor for to long without proper skin protection, they could suffer from sun burns which could cause skin cancer. Cultural hazards are obtained depending on people's lifestyle choices, how they were raised by their family, what type of friendships was developed, what type of environment they were surrounded while growing up and as an adult will determine the risks they may face.

Biological Hazards
Biological hazards refer to bacteria, viruses, funguses or toxins caused or produced by an organism that represents a threat to other living things.   A biological hazard could come from a plant, animal, or humans causing epidemics, and infectious or parasitic diseases in the world. Every person has an individual level of susceptibility, which explains why some get sick when they get in contact with certain biological agents. Some others are less susceptible and do not, which could depend on previous immunization, vaccination or other personal characteristics. Public places such hospitals, offices, schools and any workplace should have warnings and preventive measures against biological hazards. For example, sexually transmitted diseases could be avoided by using protection during sex between consenting adults.

Physical Hazards
Physical hazards are all of those environmental elements that can cause harm depending of the intensity of which humans have been exposed. For example, natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, forest fires, floods, landslides and volcanic eruptions cause large scale injuries and/or death. (Wright & Boorse, 2011).
We can’t stop these natural disasters from happening, but with educational preventive programs at the school or work places will train us how to react and we can be...


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