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Oh! You carry A knife, you must be so tough!

In the UK, knife crimes are rising . I mean seriously, have we got to the stage where almost everyone is carrying them. If we aren’t there yet we can’t be far off. It’s like they are the new iPhone everyone wants or has one. We need to stop this plague before it’s too late; all it results in is death, death, serious injury or more death.
The amount of knife crimes in the UK is shocking! A knife crime happens every 24 minutes, which means there are two stabbings in the UK between the start of first period and the start of second period . It’s horrible what we human beings have become. Another statistic is that 50% of young people think it’s normal to carry a knife for protection. That means half of the teenagers in the UK think it is suitable to carry a knife. Do you think it is okay to carry a knife? The government needs to tackle this problem before something major happens, or is it to late? They need to do something before another life is ruined by these sharp metal objects but the problem is getting worse as knife crimes have rose from September 2001 to April 2012 that is bad what next a stabbing on every street? What else must happen before our government act? How long before these things are taken away from people and off the street?
Arguably, the most well known recent stabbing incident is that of Stephen Lawrence, who was stabbed on the 22nd April 1993. He died due to blood loss from his wounds. He was stabbed due to his skin colour. Five suspects were arrested but not convicted and people believe the reason that the case took so long to close was that the police didn’t try to find out who did this as they were racists, how far has the human race come but we still treat each other badly because of our religion or our background or our skin colour?   How long must things like this happen before we wake up and realize what is wrong with us? Hopefully nothing like this will happen again but if it does what will...


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