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Principles of Crop Protection

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Crop protection is the process of protecting our crops against pest, disease, insects, weed, etc. Principles of crop protection are a cause that teaches about these pests and disease and their nature, and how to control and eradicated them.

    • Physical Control: it the use of physical methods to control pest e.g. hand picking.

    • Cultural Control: is the use of alternative host to stop pest

    • Biological Control: is the use living organisms to control pest

    • Genetic Control: is the planting of crops that can kill pest affecting it

    • Chemical Control: is the use of chemical to control pest

Safety Precaution
    - Identify the pest and the nature of damage
    - Use pesticides only when needed
    - Seek advice on the appropriate method of control
    - Use only the recommended pesticides for the problem
    - Read the labels very well
    - Wear protective clothing
    - Do not wear contaminated clothes after spraying
    - Commercial operators using large quantity   of pesticides should do blood test regularly
    - Check application of equipments before usage
    - Do not turn chemicals from one container to another
    - Store pesticides in a dry place

  When mixing and applying
    - Wear appropriate clothing
    - Never apply pesticides alone especially organophosphate
    - Never allow children or unauthorized person near you.
    - Check label
    - Avoid contamination of the skin
    - Do not eat smoke or drink when applying
    - Always stand up wind when applying
    - Do not blow out nuzzles if they are blocked
    - Avoid spraying when there is excessive wind

Measure after Spraying
    - Return unused pesticides to the store
    - Dispose empty containers
    - Never leave pesticides and application equipments on the ground
    - Remove and wash protective clothing
    - Keep record of all application...


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