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For Bertrand I would say Pepsi vs. Coca Cola is a reasonable example. Yes, they are not the only soda producers nor are they the only cola producers but they are two of the biggest. Airlines could be another example of this.
For Cournot I'd say the countries in OPEC. Again, not a duopoly but it is an oligopoly and they do focus on quantity output and not price. Anyone that tries to produce more output than the agreement to get more profit for themselves risk punishment from the largest producer flooding the market by increasing production which in turn drops price.
Stackleberg is a bit of a tough one. The best example I could give is not a specific industry or company but more a specific situation. If one company makes a new product that is not on the market their competitors will likely rush to produce a similar product. Think of the video game industry. After the X-box Sony made the PlayStation III and then Nintendo made the Wii. Same situation for TVs, cameras, any type of electronics. One company makes something new and the competitors make a similar product but not exactly the same.
Price Desc
1. Diskriminasi harga tingkat pertama (1st degree)
Diskriminasi tingkat pertama dilakukan dengan cara menerapkan hargayang berbeda-beda untuk setiap konsumen berdasarkan reservation price(Willingness To Pay) masing-masing konsumen. Strategi tingkat pertama inisering disebut diskriminasi sempurna (perfect price discrimination) karenaberhasil mengambil surplus konsumen paling besar. Syarat utama agarpenerapan strategi diskriminasi tingkat pertama ini dapat berhasil adalahperusahaan harus mengetahui reservation price masing-masing konsumen.Contoh: seorang dokter memberlakukan tarif konsultasi yang berbeda-bedapada setiap pasiennya.
2. Diskriminasi harga tingkat kedua (2nd degree)
Jika perusahaan tidak memiliki informasi mengenai reservationprice konsumen, maka diskriminasi tetap dapat dilakukan, namun tidakmendiskriminasi konsumen secara langsung, melainkan...


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