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Disability Family Interview

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Interview Questions

1. Who are the members of your family? Who lives together in your home? Who is interested in supporting ________’s education?

2. Are there particular challenges or struggles that your family is having right now that might influence _____’s educational program?

3. Do any particular health concerns of family members influence your daily and weekly routines? What do you want to tell me about them?

4. On a long-term basis, are there family issues or circumstances that make life more challenging? Do you feel comfortable sharing these with me?

5. How do you and your spouse share parental roles? Given this pattern, what are your preferences for how you participate this year in ______’s educational program?

6. What do you find to be the most and least enjoyable aspects of interacting with______? Given those aspects, how can we best ensure that we respect your
preferences as we offer educational activities for you and _____ to do in your home?

7. Who is in your extended family? How often do you see them?

8. What have been some school experiences in the past that have particularly helped _____ feel good about himself or herself?
What have been some school experiences in the past that have had a negative impact on _____’s self-esteem?

9. To what extent do family economics influence the kind of support that you can provide
to _____?

10. Are there any special celebrations associated with your religion that are important for us to consider as part of _____’s educational program?

11. What are the most challenging aspects of the day?
12. As a family, what do you do for fun?

13. In what ways do you most enjoy participating with ______ in his or her educational program?

14. How do you think ______ is or has been best prepared for his or her future by school experiences?

15. When you look to the future, what are your greatest concerns for _______?

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