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Outsourcing - 1

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Outsourcing, or the obtaining of a good or service from an outside supplier is an often-debated issue. Whether it is an argument of being good for the economy or not, or one of social issues, it is a ethical business practice, that when used correctly is good for the economy,   this paper   will show my reasoning for this outlook.

Many times it is simply a misunderstanding of the definition of outsourcing, if a small business has a technology illiterate owner and uses a local web design company construct a company website, that's outsourcing. The same is true when the company sends a presentation to be copied by a company FedEx or Kinko’s down the street.

This is untrue if the company builds a factory in India, this is considered off shoring, though if this company closes it’s original factory and buys overseas factories this is a case of both outsourcing and off shoring.

Someone losses jobs and money either way but even with that in consideration outsourcing seems efficient for the economy as a whole, I mean imagine if It allows companies to focus on what they’re best at while hiring other companies to what they’re best at.
Subsequently spreading the wealth.

From a corporation owner’s standpoint a company is not a countries. Therefore, outsourcing wouldn’t have to necessarily good for a country but good for it’s owner(s) and shareholders to be a viable option, Though morally a company does have a corporate social responsibility, a responsibility to be fair to shareholders, those a corporation impacts. A corporation has the right to do whatever it wants as long as it’s following laws and not committing fraud or physically harming anyone. So as long as it complies with those three aspects to me outsourcing is an acceptable way to conduct business.
This outside contracting actually is allows for a tremendous amount of time to be saved, due to a corporation not having to be involved in every aspect of whatever it produces, and allows thing to be...


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