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The American Revolution. History essay

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In 1776 the colonist of America went to war with England. England at the time was one of the great powers of the world and had helped the colonist with the French-Indian War. After this England taxed the colonists and continued to raise taxes. The colonists had eventually had enough of England’s presence. The colonists also felt misrepresented in England. They eventually decided to defy England and went to war. I believe in some ways it was a mistake but also right to go to war with England.
The colonists came to America seeking freedom from religious persecution and a tyrannical government. The colonists found Indians (Native Americans). Eventually the French-Indian War came. England provided their military forces to help us defend the colonies and the outcome was both ours and England’s victory. The cost of the war had put England in debt. Due to this England had found a solution to tax the colonists. I believe that because of the aid they gave the colonists that the colonists should’ve paid the taxes. England did give their money and man power to us.
Though England later started raise the taxes on trades and shipments. The colonists were furious with this and as a result refused to pay them. They felt were being misrepresented. They had been basically governing themselves and felt England was still trying to act as though they were in charge. England sent over the military troops to enforce the taxes and its own authority. This made colonists feel as though they were being bullied. This only reinforced their thoughts being misrepresented. If the representative cared why would he let troops come over to reinforce taxes they shouldn’t have to pay. The troops used force and mistreated everyone. They could search through belongings and households if they wanted. Also, they could stay in colonist’s houses if they said they needed to. I agree that England was bullying them. In my opinion England just wanted to expand over in to American territory. The troops had...


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