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Capital Punishment in India: should be Allowed or Banned

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Capital Punishment in India: should be Allowed or Banned
“Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The lord gave and the lord has taken away; may the name of the lord be praised”
Job 1:21
Capital punishment is when a person guilty of heinous crimes particularly that of rape or murder is sentenced to death. In India capital punishment is carried out by hanging the accused by the neck till the person is alive no more. In developed countries this could be substituted by the electrical chair or shooting.
Dating back to the 1772 BC, we see how even The Code of Hammurabi had established many stern laws to punish the guilty. The laws put down were harsh on all practicing illegal activities. This not only decreased crime rates but also provided a clear message to all, that anyone interfering with the rights of the people would be dealt with seriously.
Another alternative to capital punishment is that of life imprisonment which is 14 years is in India. And for India, who is staggering with rising inflation and poverty, to feed and clothe the convicts is an extra expense they can be cut down upon. India is not a rich country and we are struggling with population issues already and to waste our limited natural resources on convicts is not sensible.
Serving out capital punishment also helps in spreading fear in the minds of the people. They will hesitate and restrain from committing crime and infiltrating on the rights of the people. Having a country that serves out capital punishment definitely brings about faith in the judicial system of a nation.
When India was formed and Law was introduced to the land, punishments were dealt out to kill the criminal in the person not the person. We seem to have forgotten what the motto of the judiciary system of India says:Whence Dharma, Thence Victory, which roughly translates to restoring order to the society and not eradicating the very person.
We seem to have somewhere switched of the humanity in us while...


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