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The Analysis of Happy Man Bay Somerset Maugham

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Student-Ziroyan Armine


Travel modes


Travelling is an important part of our life and with the advancement of transport it has

become easier than what it was in the primitive days. Travelling is getting safer because of the

technology advancing on daily bases. Modern life is impossible without it. Thousands of people

travel every day either on business or just for pleasure. There are several modes of travelling

such as by sea, by air, by bus, by car, by train and people choose the one according to the

safeness, fastness and cheapness of it.

One of the most important circumstances that people take into consideration is the

safeness of travel mode. Trains are very preferable as they are both safety and convenient.

Travelling by train is slower than travelling by plane, but it also has its advantages. People can

read, study, work or sleep while travelling. They can also enjoy sightseeing along the way.

Another important aspect is the fastness of travel mode.   Planes are faster than any

other travel mode, especially while travelling very large distances. There are many airlines that

offer comfortable , punctual safe flights and nowadays people more and more use air transport.

Travelling by air is really fast and people do not waste time in vain.

And finally the third important aspect that people always take into consideration is the

cheapness of travel mode. Cars are considered to be one of the cheapest and convenient

modes of travelling. People needn’t reserve tickets, needn’t carry heavy suitcases. They can

stop wherever they want and spend time in any place as long as they like.

So due to all travel modes people have the opportunity of travelling around the world

and just getting pleasure. With the advancement of transport...


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