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The Miscarriage
Everyone has those moments when they just snap, and end up doing things they regret. For
Udo, these moments happened more often than he would have liked. Although he tried to suppress
these moments of violence, years of abuse from his father made it difficult. His father’s second wife
made it close to impossible. Ndidi always thought that for someone who’s name was Udo, meaning
“peace”, her husband was a walking contradiction.   She was used to his episodes by now since she was
married to him for quite some time. There was one episode though, that was far worse than all the rest
The couple had been trying to have a child since a few months after their marriage.Udo wanted
an heir, and Ndidi wanted a child to keep her company while in this violent marriage. Despite their best
efforts, Ndidi just could not bear a child. They sought out spiritual help from the Oracle, and followed as
he said. They even consulted the elders, who too couldn’t figure out the reason for their sterility. They
continuously tended to their ancestors, and went to their designated shrines diligently, but to no avail.
One day, however, as Udo was about to eat his dinner, he had one of the most intense episodes
thus far. It was as normal a day as any other. They both went to the shrines, and tended to their
ancestors. Ndidi, knowing that the smallest mistake could set her husband off, was extremely cautious,
as always. Today, though, as she was preparing her husband’s meal, she distractedly grabbed the
burning pot bare-handed without realizing. She quickly let go, allowing a small yelp to escape her throat.
She watched helplessly, as the pot full of the food that she painstakingly cooked as to reach her
husband’s expectations fell to the floor. It almost seemed as if the whole ordeal was in slow motion; it
was as if everything were moving underwater. She knew what was to come and she was prepared for
it, but the anxious feeling in the pit of her...


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