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Space Research for Everyone

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  I. Introduction
  II. Space Research for Field of Medicine
  A. Monitors to give information
  1. To like machines hooked up to patients
  2. Large instrument panel set up receive information
  III. Space Research for Food and Product
  A. Special Foods
  1. Will not spoil easily
  B. Special Form Products and Containers
  1. Plastic Products
  2. Alloys or Utensils
  3. Personal Hygiene Products
  IV. Space Research for Home
  A. Improvement of Machines
  1. Electronic Devices
  2. Technological Innovation
  B. Home Appliances
  1. Production of Cookware
  V. Space Research for Communication
  A. Spacecraft and Satellite
  1. Long-distance telephone calls
  2. Faster news
  B. Weather Satellite
  VI. Conclusion
  VII. Bibliography

  I. Introduction
How is man able to go out to space? It is possible because of latest discoveries like space capsules or space craft – space probes, satellites, and space stations to explore the vast universe. There are many satellites that can take pictures and send detailed image of impending storms that are formed in ocean waters. It also gathered information and news. Satellite also to locate or track and determine the extent of tornadoes, hurricanes and storms, they also determine earthquake.
How does space research help us to make our life better? For many centuries, they invented and discovered many things to solve many problems about our planet and beyond the solar system. What does their basic reason for having space research?

  II. Space Research for the Field of Medicine
Many hospitals are using equipment that was developed as a result of space research. Space studies made the hospital monitoring equipment possible. An equipment or device for immediate use in space travel also.
Nurses and doctors keep a close watch on some of their patients by means of machines called monitors. In heart-care unit, for example, patient...


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