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                        Canadian Health Care system

Although Canada is a new country and does not have a long history, Canadian health care system is one of the oldest health care systems in the world and dating back into 18th century. Canadian health care system is the system which makes lots of facility for patients. Nowadays, health care problem is one of the most important social problems in the world. Canada is one of the successful countries about health and social hygiene in the world. Canadian health care system is a system that provides a lot of facilities for Canadian people and who is immigrant to Canada. Health care in Canada is delivered through a publicly funded health care system, which is mostly free at the point of use and has most services provided by private entities. It provides health card for every body that lives in Canada as health card. There are a lot of ideas and research about Canadian health care system, but this article tries to discuss about ; public opinion ,economics and history to see.

Public opinion
Canada is the country that public opinion is important for government, and government tries to figure out the public opinion. Health care system and health card is very important for people and Canadians strongly support the public health system. They rather to have public health system than for-profit private basis. In a 2009 poll by nana’s Research found 86.2% Canadians surveyed supported or strongly supported “public solutions to make our public health care stronger.” Even to compare the Canadian’s health care system with other countries Canadian’s health care is more successful than others. For example; to compare the Canadian’s health care system with U.S health system, a strategic counsel survey found 91% of Canadians prefer their healthcare system instead of a U.S health system. Plus 70% of Canadian rated their system as working either “well” or “very well”.
Also in other poll in” 2009 Harris/Decima found 82% of Canadians...


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