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White Hills

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(Eveline and Hills like White Elephants)

The two male-female relationship in Eveline and Hills like White Elephants are the same in a lot of ways but different in one. Both have a male figure who want to control their lives and minds. The two main female characters have huge choices to make that will affect the male characters in some way or another. Each women had dreams for their future that was really for the good of themselves. Finally the one difference that separated the women in their relationship with the male-female relationship was, one made a choice to live for herself and the other made a choice to live for the male figure.

In the the story “Eveline” the woman-male relationship was between her and her father. Eveline was a young woman who grow-up around family and came from a decent home. She like her childhood but as adult Eveline began to bump heads with her father. The issues would be over money, her choice in men, and what she did with herself. The woman who could relate to this is the female character “Jig” from Hills like White Elephants, she had a male figure who she bumped heads with called the “American”. In this story Jig was a pregnant woman who was in a one-sided relationship with a man who did want the baby. Now they both had their issues with the male counterparts but both males in their own way for both different reason wanted to control the women lives. The father in “Eveline” was bitter over things and wanted to mode Eveline to what he wanted her to be. While in the other story “The American” wanted Jig to have and abortion and was a big manipulator and was not shy in being one.

The two women while dealing with their male figures both had dreams they wanted to follow and a plan to do so. Eveline wanted to see the world and make a life of her own beyond the town she grow-up in. While Jig wanted to keep the baby and loved the idea of becoming a Mother. Both had different dreams but also had males who didn’t want those dreams to...


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