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9 main characteristics of gifted children

1) High Motivation to Learn:

These are children who asked a lot and when not satisfied with the response they give adults continue to investigate on their own.

 2) Creativity:

Children are very imaginative, like to create their own stories and adventures, paint, draw, model, build, or play a musical instrument (or several).

The difference between being creative and being an imitator, is that the imitator can be very good imitation, but does not create something new something personal stamp.

  3) Asynchronous:

They are children whose mental maturity does not match to their age and their primary interests are not those of their peers of the same age so they look older friends with whom to share their interests and worldview..

 4) Hyperactivity:

They are energetic children so cannot sit still too long (easily bored) are very observant and try to explore everything so they are difficult to control.

 5) Early maturity:

They are children whose behavior shows a maturity about his companions of the same age. Its behavior makes people look older and can have intelligent dialogue with adults on religious, political or social.

 6) Fast learning:  

They are children learning very fast or soon, and also often tend be self-taught and like to learn by themselves.

 7) Decisions Rotundas:

Children are tenacious, persistent and sometimes stubborn when they want to get what they want, you have to help focus the capacity for something positive for their personal, family and even social and global.

They like challenges, impossible missions and are very consistent in their effort to be the best at something and when not trying to be achieved in several ways.

  8) Hypersensitivity:

Children are very sensitive so they tend to be very sympathetic to the pain of others, not only of humans but also of animals, however, developed in hostile environments such as shyness and protection variants...


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