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If You Could Live One Day over and over Again It Would Be

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uld live one day over and over again it would be, the day I had my first child. It was
the greatest day every, but it was also painful and I loved every minute of it. That one special
day changed my life all the way around for the better. It was the most wonderful thing that
every happened to me.

On that day it was very cold outside, but my body was so warm. All that morning I felt
different; I could feel my body changing all over. By noon I was in so much pain, I was bold up
like a baby myself. The contractions were like something I never felt before. There were a lot of
shape pains, then they would go away, but the pain would not stop.

After being in so much pain for so long, I finally went to the hospital. On the way to the
hospital it seemed like it took for every, there was so much traffic on the road. Upon arriving to
the hospital I seen that there was a long line of people waiting to check in. Since I was in the
most pain I skipped everyone and was seen quickly.

My mom checked me in, and then a nurse came out and took me to a room. The nurse did
a few examition, to see if I was ready to go in labor. After the nurse was finished, she
conformed that today will be the day that I’ll meet my new baby. The nurse got me prep and
ready, she gave me medicine for the pain and told me to relax. Soon I would be ready for


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