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Ancient History Part B: Essay
Hatshepsut's reign over Egypt had several political, social, religious and economic impacts. Hatshepsut impacts on new kingdom Egypt was very significant as she have changed and brought much prosperity and stability to Egypt. In her reign, not much records of military campaigns but there are minor towards Nubia. Instead of external development, Hatshepsut focused on the internal, developing Egypt Politically, commercially and religiously. These impacts can be depicted through her building programs, foreign and religious policy.
Scholar’s attitude on Hatshepsut military campaign has changed over time saying she did not participate in any of military campaign or conquest. However it is due to the peaceful time, Hatshepsut develops economy and making Egypt rich and sustainable. Her foreign policy was mostly based on trade rather than the military campaign/war. Although, images on her mortuary temple Deir-el Bahri have shown her imitated short but successful military campaign at Nubia. The major impacts of Hatshepsut reign is her expedition to Punt. The expedition to Punt was solely for seaborne trade purposes as well, this was to trade with Punt to gain; gold, ebony, animal skins, baboons, processed myrrh, and living myrrh trees which were all brought back to Egypt. This has allowed Egypt to further increase their wealth. The expedition to Punt has also impacted on the social class thus think more positive about Hatshepsut’s reign. Another main feature of importance of the expedition was the economic impact that it had. Hatshepsut benefited greatly from the expedition, with many resources obtained. The boost of the expedition also expanded their military campaign which ensured further prosperity in the military thus allowing Thutmose III to conquer more land.  
In Her reign filled with both traditional and revolutionary ideas, Hatshepsut’s Building program was an important way...


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