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Ww2 Sydney

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1. “After the attack, Sydney was in turmoil, with the harbour the scene of intense activity… Sydney Harbour's defences were increased in case the Japanese returned. ““For many Sydneysiders, it seemed time to move to the country. Others dug air raid shelters in their backyards. Membership of volunteer defence organisations swelled to over 80,000.”
by Dr Robert Nichols
  2. “I can remember the sirens going off… had plywood on the windows as a blackout precaution and a brownpaper shade on the lamp. We all put on our ear muffs… You also put a wooden peg in your mouth to stop the concussion… they were putting on their Sunday best. I don't know why.” By Peter Doyle
  3. “st raid approached from SE & first salvo of bombs destroyed jetty, Govt. Offices & P.M.G. premises. The loss of life being as follows… The postal premises suffered sever damage from direct hits & bomb blasts. From Diary of the Darwin General Post office.
  4. The order led to utter chaos… Highly exaggerated rumours of an impending Japanese invasion had already reached the base from the town and spread quickly among those wanting to believe them. In the absence of restraint, men gathered their belongings and abandoned their stations. By local RAAF wing commander Sturt Griffith
  5. “There was a job to be done…all of a   sudden the colour line disappeared” By Oodgeroo Noonuccal
  6. “Do not worry about the high price of some vegetables. Cabbage leaves chopped
fine are better than lettuce. Bananas are as valuable as potatoes”   From the Argus, 5 September 1942

  * ½ pop ran,278 desert,Hospital, infrastructure, 243 people. 64 times, Townsville, Katherine, derby and broome. 19th Feb-Nov. 2wks later Broome 70 ppl 24 air.
  * 31 May.
  * NSA gave government control of human resources. WLA. Austerity and Multiculturalism. AWAS.

Context of each of the following sources:
Source 1 and 3 are secondary sources, it is an excerpt from a speech Dr Robert Nicholl gave about the Sydney...


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