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Cold War

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Good afternoon everyone. Talking about which character should be chosen from the book Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella to be our room-mate. It’s a pretty hard decision as there’re so many endearing and unique characters in the story. I know that most of you guys had finally chosen Rebecca Bloomwood, who is the main character of the story. I’m sorry that I won’t go with the flow. Instead, I would pick Derek Smeath to be my room-mate.
In case u forgot who Derek Smeath is, he is Rebecca 's Bank Manager, throughout the book he is trying to get Rebecca to visit him to discuss the condition of her bank account and overdraft. At one point Rebecca’s parents believe that he is a stalker. Towards the end of the book Rebecca reached out to him and told him that she sincerely wanted to take her debts responsibly.

You may be really astonished why I chose Derek Smeath to be my room-mate, as most of the bank managers are tremendously annoying and vicious. Some are like loan sharks and continuously asking you to repay the debt. Even when I get a call from those bank managers about the advertisement, I’ll instantly hang up the phone. However, unlike most bank managers, Derek Smeath is a very polite and understanding person. Even Rebecca always had some excuse explaining she cannot send a cheque to him. The excuses ranged from a broken leg, a dead aunt, etc. Derek Smeath was still being courteous to her. I think the most crucial element of being a good room-mate is magnanimity. It’s due to reason that different people have different cultures and lifestyle, so it’s important that your room-mate need to accept, respect or sometimes tolerate your way of living, or else you and your room-mate will have numerous arguments later on, making your relation really tense. You’ll be loathsome towards each other and definitely can’t enjoy your life in such place. Therefore, Derek Smeath’ll be a good room-mate with no doubt as he’s an extremely tolerant person.

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