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The Power of Reading. Essay

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The Power of Reading
Tamela Kile
July 9, 2012
Oretha Riggins

The Power of Reading
Reading always has been an important part of my home as a child and adult.   Books were found in every room in the house for easy access.   Over dinner each night the family discussion would turn toward the books being read by the different members of the family.   My mother held the belief that the more a child is read to, the more he or she would appreciate the value of books.
I do not remember a time that books were not an intricate part of my life. As a very young child either my mother or one of my older siblings would read to me. Reading aloud exposes children to proper grammar and phrasing, thus enhancing the development of spoken language skills (Freedman-DeVito, 2012).   As I got older I would spend endless hours in the library.   The library was directly across the street from my home.   I was a lucky child. The librarian spent many hours teaching me to look up and choose proper books.   I was never without a book.  
In elementary school reading was my best subject.   As I began middle school, I made the discovery of autobiographies.   Learning about people and their experiences was a fascination.   My first love was historical figures, such as presidents but as I grew my interest began to include athletes, famous doctors, and teachers. At the start of high school, I made the discovery of self-help books such as proper parenting, cooking, and how to books.   These too made their way into my ever-growing library.   I read everything.
I am still a strong reader today.   I am never without a book.   I keep one in my car, you never know when you may encounter an accident and need to sit for a while.   I carry one in my purse.   The doctor may keep you waiting or the line in the grocery store may be long.   I also have books in every room of my house.   The genre ranges from fiction to non-fiction, mysteries, love...


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