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Madonna of the Goldfinch

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Madonna of the Goldfinch.

Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch is an oil painting from 1506 that shows a realistic image where one can see the artist’s very fine and detailed work. The painting is focused on three subjects of matter, a woman with two kids who are gathered in the center of the frame and occupy most of the space on it. However, the background can’t be overlooked as it may mean the connection between human kind and its natural environment since the group of people present themselves barefoot on the ground.
The Madonna dresses on blue and red 1vibrant colors which are the factor that stands out the most in this painting. She is sat on a rock looking down at the curly haired girl with her left hand on her back. The two kids, looking at each other, play with a bird. The girl, covered with a brown tunic, holds the little animal while the boy, who is completely naked, touch it tenderly. The woman holding a book in her right hand has the naked boy almost between her legs. One could say that the artist used the “motion” of the hands, the direction of their looks and the kinship between the three subjects to tell us that they are a family.
Looking at the surrounding, a variety of green, brown and blue tones appear forming the countryside. A few trees are just behind the family and a river can be seen not so far from them. A small bridge crosses the river at the left side of the painting and could indicate the work of men interfering with the nature. Strangely, a cloudy sky opens up above the Madonna’s head as if the lady was some kind of goddess. At the very far of the landscape, a small town, a castle and a fort are seen between the mountains painted with very gray tones to simulate the long distance from which the family could had been wanting to be away.
There is a slightly chance where one could say that the artist was suggesting the love this family had for the environment so that they liked going to the outside of their settlement, looking for a...


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