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Plant Propagation Project Report Write up
We were trying to find the effects of rooting hormones added onto the Swedish Ivy’s roots. Also, how many adventitious roots would be produced with the added hormones, and without the synthetic hormones coated on the Swedish Ivy’s root tips. The expected outcome was that the Swedish Ivy that received the experimental dose of the synthetic hormone would produce more adventitious root growth than the Swedish Ivy that was the control without any additives.
Materials and Method:
  * Rooting Product; Vermiculite.
  * Hormone: Schultz Take Root rooting hormone
  * 2 plants of Swedish Ivy
  * Razor blades
  * 2 plastic pots
  * 2 labels and pencil
  * Water
  * Used the procedures given in the lab
Attached on the back.
The first week after putting both Swedish Ivy plants in vermiculite; one plant with the added hormone to the root tips and the other plant without. Both showed no signs of adventitious root growth. Also, both plants had one leaf that was wilted and yellow showing the sign of nitrogen deficiency. Because of this lack of root growth in the first week I do believe that the root growth of both Ivy’s was not as much as it should have been by the second week checking on the plants again.
Schultz Take Root Rooting hormone promotes adventitious root growth because of the nutrition it provides the trimmed stem to sprout new roots. The stem that has been cut and coated with hormone had more of an advantage for faster growth. The hormone also helped the production of root cells making it easier for the Swedish Ivy that was coated, to sprout adventitious roots quicker than that Swedish Ivy that was given no treatment. In my experiment I got what I did expect, the Swedish Ivy that had the added hormone on the root tips did sprout more adventitious roots than the plant that did not receive any treatment. Although, during the first week there were no signs...


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