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Barack Obama
The day of elections is coming up and people start to wonder voting for either Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or not vote for either of them. President Barack Obama, democrat, has discovered many and difficult tasks throughout his years of presidency; hence, why my vote goes towards Obama. He learned from his past mistakes and he still looks for improvement for his upcoming election. Obama wants to take care of the economy, education, healthcare, foreign policy, environment, and etc. He has many accomplishments and failures throughout all them, but the real question is should he run for a second term and this time around could he complete more accomplishments than failures.
The first reason that Obama should be re-elected is four years of presidency is not enough to fix the economy. The economy is in a terrible state and is only going to get worse if someone does not help it. We have to stick with a person who promises a good plan that people can see actually working. Obama has a plan like that, but he just does not have enough time. With more time, Obama’s stimulus and job plans would start to turn around the economy. People are also way to inpatient. Some news channels started ragging on President Obama not fixing the economy 8 days after his election. 8 DAYS. Wouldn’t you think he would need more time than that? Others waited way longer to start blaming him. The last reason why four years is not enough to fix the economy is that no one could have done it. It is an entire country we are talking about here, and turning the economy around is not an easy job. It’s hard to even turn it around, not even beginning to fix it. As you can see, President Obama needs more than one term in presidency to fix the economy, and will be a more successful and prosperous president if he is re-elected for the 2012 Presidential elections.
Next, health care is also one of the main issues in our nation. Obama says “No one in the wealthiest Nation on Earth should go broke...


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