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Classic Arugment Welfare

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Kimberlee Dickerson
Mrs. Hart
ENC 1102
Spring 2013
Classical Argument Essay: Research Proposal

Welfare: it seems to be on just about everyone’s mind. There are many different types of welfare such as Medicare, cash and food assistance, and public and subsidized housing. Each is generally concerned with the government trying to provide support for its citizens. Now the question arises weather the government is providing too much welfare support or too little for its citizens.
The problem with welfare is the ones who have abused the system. People have created a stigma towards welfare users. There are certain qualifications to receive welfare such as income and house hold size, and employment status. One must not make over a certain amount of money depending on how many people they are taking care of. Another problem the government is having is that they are helping taking car immigrants. In the article Center for Immigration Studies “immigrant –head house hold (legal and illegal) with a child (under the age of 18) using at least one welfare program continues to be very high.”(par.#1). The article points out that our government is not just helping citizen they are also helping immigrants.
Then there is the other side of the issue where people are for welfare. Welfare is for families that really do need the government help. In the Welfare Reform and the General Welfare “we have built a coalition called “JOIN” that brings together neighborhood, adult literacy, child care, and human service organizations to fight for public service jobs, education and training, reverse commuting and quality child care in responding to welfare reform.”(Par. # 9) In other words the money to support these welfare programs is from the government which they have collected from tax dollars of its citizens. As for the people who are on welfare have been taxed and are supplying to the government as well. Other problem is that we cannot just end welfare in the information from...


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