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Amazing Brazil. Culture Essay

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Amazing Brazil !!  

Brazil gets its name after a tree the pau-brasil. During the colonization period, the Portuguese extracted colored liquid to paint fabric/paintings. At first they called the country “Ilha de Vera Cruz". When they finally realized that it wasn’t a island they changed the name to "Terra de Santa Cruz" but again when they started to extract wood from a tree named "Pau-Brasil" to avoid losing the territory(from the French)they changed the name to "Brasil", known as Brazil.
Brazilians have a very different way of communicating. They tend to get close to each other when a conversation is taking place, and no matter what the relationship is between them. Between 30 and 40 cm is a normal distance. This is really different to our culture here in America. The distance thing   is also true in many other everyday situations, such as standing in line or walking in a crowded place. Strong Eye contact (but not staring) is very important, as a demonstration of sincerity and interest in the conversation and in the person being spoken to. It is acceptable to touch someone when speaking to them, no matter the gender or the relationship. (it shows respect when you give eye contact and touch the person) A touch on the arm or a pat on the back is also known in a normal conversation.
Brazil is a very family-centered society. When you meet someone for the very first time you should shake hands. A nice thing to say is "muito prazer" my pleasure. Greet individuals in descending order of status. If at Other times you meet the same person again, you can say "Ola, como vai" Hello, how are you? Also men shake hands with men and woman "kiss" each other twice on alternating cheeks. Men and woman kiss each other in the same fashion, but NOT usually at the first meeting. Good male friends shake hands and embrace each other. Friends greet each other saying "oi" which means hi.
Men are expected to be the family MAN! , aka the "provider". Women are expected to supervise the...


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