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When Will It End?

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Fear gripped Natalie as her weary feet crunched the dried grass beneath it along the narrow derelict railway road, gripping her son even tighter than ever before. He moaned ,when suddenly she realized just how tight she held him. Being an ardent mother she always wanted the best for her only child of two years. The razor sharp midnight breeze seemed to be slicing into her weeping heart. The new moon just ahead perfectly lit the way to what seemed like freedom.
  The sounds of insects all around kept her at peace as she wished her life was like those tiny creatures so carefree and happy. Her son's touch kept her going , with the smell of his baby incense against her almost frozen nose brought tears to her eyes once more. He was all she had , it seemed . The winds intonations sent shivers up her tired spine as it sounded like angels wings hovering around her . She started whispering to her friend above when suddenly, she heard heavy loud footsteps headed her way.
She froze . Buckets of perspiration tickled down her burning cheeks. Her fingers shaking like a leaf when almost instantly a streak of light illuminated the night.She tripled her speed to freedom as she quickly glanced around and couldn't help both notice a tall figure of a well built man exactly the one of her noxious husband. She began to run while the unknown person ran too. She fell. Her son, Nathan awoke with the impact of   a nasty fall and screamed. She gave up. She surrendered. Tears streamed down her pink cheeks as the thought to herself " Has God forsaken me?"
  Almost lifeless , she manage a faint cry as she saw the one man she dreaded to see at that moment angrily gazing at her with eyes as cold as the devils touch pierced through her's like an old English Sword. Grabbing her up, not even noticing or caring for his son , he plastered one brain wrecking slap across her left cheek as he heartlessly shouted "where you think you going,eh?" Nathan screamed ,echoing   through the silent night as his...


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