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What Is Psychology

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Beginning with the first psychological laboratory, founded in 1879 by German philosopher and physiologist
Wilhelm Wundt, modern psychology’s can be traced in many disciplines and countries. Psychology’s
historical perspectives and current activities lead us to define the field as the science of behavior and mental
Theoretical perspectives of psychology
There are many disciplines that study human nature. Psychology is one. Within psychology, the biological,
behavioral, psychoanalytic, cognitive and social- cultural perspectives are complementary. Each has its own
purposes, questions, and limits; together they provide a fuller understanding of mind and behavior.
Why do we study psychology?
Scientific inquiry begins with an attitude of eagerness to skeptically investigate competing ideas, with an
open- minded approach. Putting ideas to the test helps us in fully understanding them. The curiosity that
drives us to test ideas, and to expose their underlying assumptions, can be experienced in every day life as
critical thinking.
The course will encompass basic concepts of psychology
Concepts like learning, memorizing, retention, emotions, process of thinking, how do
Our sense organs work etc will be discussed.
Also, issues like what is normal and what is abnormal behavior, the interventions used
For treating psychological problems, along with an overview of main and popular
Areas of psychology will also be tackled.
The main focus of the course will be on introducing essential terminology, theories, themes,
concepts, and trends relevant to modern day psychology
The main focus is to help students to learn and understand what are the essential and important areas of
study in psychology. Also students will be enabled to understand and learn the basic concepts which
psychology is mainly based on.
Practical application of knowledge, besides a know how of theoretical constructs, will be


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