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Atomic Bombs

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The world is gradually turning into a war zone, in which nations and countries are rising against each other, in the quest for freedom and liberty. This quest has prompted the use of various means to achieve this aim, which include weapons of mass destruction, high tech weapons, drones, and other war instruments, capable of causing destruction to lives and property. Of these weapons, the nuclear weapon is one of such weapons, capable of causing lethal and ruthless destruction to any of its target. Szilard, Leo, also states that atomic bomb serves as a means to "ruthless annihilation of cities"(Szilard, L., Petition to the President). This ruthlessness currently being practiced in countries all over the globe will eventually cause the earth to become an inhabitable zone for everyone, including the animals in the sea, and mammals in the ocean. This is an example of the capabilities of the nuclear weapons currently in use in the United States and the World all over.
The atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima was about three meters in length, and weigh about four tons. It was made with a nuclear material Uranium 235, and capable of releasing up to 12.5 kilotons of Trinitrotoluene, an explosive chemical (Katayama, H. 2012). Szilard, L, on the petition to the president on the use of the atomic bomb as a nuclear weapon described the capabilities of the atomic bomb in terms of the emotional disturbance that it was capable of executing. He also described the ruthlessness involved and the general consequences of utilizing the nuclear weapon as a means of power.
After dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the post-war effects caused a great deal of damage to Hiroshima. It left a great impact on the Japanese lands, properties, and citizens of the country, which include sicknesses from radiation exposure, destruction of lives, properties, burns and wounds to affected individuals, keloids, including an unofficial death count of about 140,000 by the end of December, 1945.


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