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Is It Fair to Cover the Private Life?

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The entertainment industry has developed rapidly in recent years and meanwhile the power of mass media have become greater than ever before. It is commeon that celebrities' private lives are exposed on TV or on the Internet. I believe, however, it is quete unfair for hte famous who should have been given equal privacy and respects as an average person.
  There are several main factors to this unfair phenomenon. In the first place, some media people who obviously lacks the work ethic are addicted to famous people's privacy. They, I think, should take main responsibilities for it. Take Edison Chen for an example. His photo scandal has been affecting Hongkong's entertainment circle. Though Edison's hobby is evil, it is none of others' business because it is really his private life. But the media are still interested in it because this event canbe hyped and be certain to bring them much profit. They think famous people deserve an invasion into their private lives for paying the price of their fame. In the second place, it is due to celebrities' personal qualities. Many stars, business laders, politicians have set a bad example to the public. Imagine that if they have high moral standards and good qualities, there is nothing that canbe rumoured. In addition, sometimes it is just because some people have a bad taste and are curious about others' bad side. There remain a lot of illegal tabloids which wuould like to cater for people's lower interests.
  I think, government or some related authorities should take actions to purify this ill atomosphere. There is an urgent need to restrict the media's reports about the celebrity's privacy. We should have a law which can protect the famous person's human rights!


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