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N~ 034501               I A-FTF-J-NFB


Paper II
ITirne Allowed:   Three Hours I


Candidates   should   atteTnpt Question No. 1.   in Section   A which   is c07npulsory, TWO questions from   Section   B and   TWO questions   fr07n
.                   Section   C.
Question No. J..   is of short answer   type. The number   of marks   carried   by each
subdivision of a question   is indicated   at the end of the subdivision/question.

-Answers   Inust be written   in ENGLISH.
Assulne suitable   data,   if necessary and   indicate the sante clearly .


herever a question   is atteTnpted, all its
subdivisions   ",ust   be attempted.

Unless otherwise indicated,   sYlnbols and notations used have their   usual   nl-eanings.

Neat   sketches   to be drawn,   wherever required.


A-FTF-J-N   FB                                           1                                           IContd.]


-           ,   ,

...     '.

1.   (a)


A   balance     mass     of•   value

2- m     is     placed

diametrically     opposite   to   the   crank     at   crank

radi us     r.     Wha t   IS     the   expreSSIon for   the unbalanced     for.ce along   the   line   of   stroke   of   a reciprocating   engine   for angular   position   a of'ub.e crank   with   respect   to the   line   of stroke   ?

(b)     (i)       What is an isochronous governor ?
(ii)     State     the   phenomenon     of   hunting     In   a spring   controlled   governor.


Cc)     (i)


Explain     briefly     vibration     isolation     and tra nsrnissi hil ity.

The   natural   frequency   of a system   put   on 'a foundation   is   (.On'     The   operating   frequency
is 00.   What is the ~!nimurn value   of ( :n)

beyond   which   the   vibration   isolation   IS
possible   or meaningful   ?

(dj     The   Mohr's   circle...


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