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Imagine a world without international trade nor the Internet. There is no access provided to consumers for products whilst companies and citizens are detached from one and another. Prices of objects increase in the field of markets and qualities decrease. Thanks to globalization, the world has prevented the horrible state mentioned.

So, what is globalization?

Globalization is the world-wide movement towards economics, finance, and trade. As international trade being the principal cause of the movement, consumers can take advantage in terms of low price/high quality and high access to goods.

To begin with, international trade has led to the creation of multi-national companies. Since they are branched out to various countries around the world, they have a fierce competition between themselves and other companies. For example, in South Korea, Burger King (Korean Company) was forced to have clashes against a multi-national company called "McDonalds". As a consequence of competition, prices go down whilst the quality of products increase. Companies will unceasingly attempt to attract purchasers to buy their products with strategies of low price, high quality, and significant information of goods. Consumers can then take advantage of this by staying out of the box (competition) whilst gaining benefits in terms of money.

Following this, buyers can also take advantage through the state of high access to products. If a company has amazing goods to sell but does not spread, it is no use. As a result, businesses spread information with some help from the Internet. In addition to this, other methods such as magazines, newspapers and advertisements can provide consumers with satisfying access. Perhaps the abuse of these technology provided can lead to a worse state of contacting. However, nobody wants to go to a shop few hours away by car to buy what you want to purchase?

This world has been developing since the 1900s in terms of globalisation. Beginning from...


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