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Subliminal Priming

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The two given texts discuss the essence of subliminal messaging, where the result is that the consumer tends to prefer to buy something that is primed, because the consumer has the belief that the certain primed good will give full satisfaction. This result is based on empirical evidence, which showed that people who were thirsty would rather buy a primed drink instead of water, even though it did not quench their thirst.    

Subliminal messages are messages that manipulate the consumers' subconsciousness; it makes you believe that you have to buy a certain good in order to be satisfied. Usually subliminal commercials 'cheat' the consumer into buying more or buying certain goods. There can even be preferences for water, based on the brand and marketing. We will have a look at “Egekilde” a famous water from Denmark, which have managed to merchandise its water to the extent that it is 'classier' to drink Egekilde instead of the other water brands, even though it’s more expensive.   The commercial shows three good looking girls with a good sense of fashion enjoying each other's company and their natural surroundings, which makes you think that it is some sort of H&M commercial, until you see them drinking the famous Egekilde water.   The aspect that makes this idyllic commercial subliminal is that   in the beginning, you have no idea of what the commercial is really selling. You consider whether it’s about fashion, water, youth or camping. One thing that is common when discussing subliminal priming is that you only get a glimpse of the product, which makes you hunger for it; this is due to the surroundings in the commercial. A really good example regarding this is the subliminal priming made by James Vicary in 1957 that played “eat popcorn” and “drink Coke” on the screen of a cinema movie several times. This resulted in an increase in the sales of Coca Cola and Popcorn. The same form of priming also appears in the Egekilde commercial twice,...


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