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Social Skills or Qualifications

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It is undeniable that the qualifications play an important role on selecting the satisfactory staff.Yet,recently employers pay more attention on social skills as they assert a good staff must be equipped with the ability of communicating and cooperating with each other.Overall,I agree with the opinion expressed.///

In many ways,workers with good social skills will adapt to the life in the workplace more easily.It is more comfortable for them to interact with their colleagues.They can discuss the topics,such as how to design an advertisement of the shampoo or how to deal with the difficulties faced in front,in a peaceful atmosphere.In addition,when met with some economic problem,maybe they want to get higher salary,other staff would feel trouble with it,while the people who are born good communicators would talk to their boss using this ability,and this problem might be solved with a happy ending.///

Interestingly,figures on research into business staff indicate that it is the people who show good social skills that are more simply promoted than those with suitable qualification yet less social abilities.They would communicate with their customers in a proper way to make sure they can take the recommend jauntily so that the enterprise can take advantages and make a fortune.However,it does not mean qualification is not meaningful.People with qualification and social skills combined is the most satisfactory person an organization needs.They are both significant.///

Thus,workers should improve social abilities as well as the qualification to make sure they can handle well in any situation.It is important to remember that the benefits offered by both of them make it well worthwhile.


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