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  2. __________ style is used mostly to denote the background for realizing stylistic peculiarities of stylistically colored elements
  4. __________ style is a unique combination of language units
  5. __________   styles present quite a big group that includes e.g. the types: religious English, scientific English, journalistic
  7. __________   style belongs to Bookish style
  8. __________   __________   - the main aim of this functional style is to prove hypothesis and to create new concepts.
  10.Newspaper style has its specific vocabulary features and is characterized by an extensive use of: __________ (e.g. NATO, EEC)
  13. __________   style – another name of free style
  14.English   __________   __________ can be defined as a system of interrelated lexical, phraseological and grammatical means
  15. __________   __________   of language is a system of interrelated language means which serves a definite aim in communication
  18. __________   letters are the official document
  20. __________ – it is a legal document ( in criminal law )

  1.The general aim of   __________   style is to influence the public opinion
  3.The language of   __________   articles is defined by the character of newspaper
  6. __________ functional style is e.g. advertisements
  9. __________ – in this style the imagery is not so rich and the per cent of words with contextual meaning is not so high as it is in poetry, the idiosyncrasy of the author not so clearly discernible
  11. Information in the English newspaper is conveyed through the medium of: __________ and announcements
  12. __________   style corresponds to public speech (non-casual, formal)
  16.The   __________ style is the oral subdivision of the publicistic style
  17. __________   – it is one of the two substyles
  19.Emotive prose features the combination of the literary variant of the language, both in words and in   __________



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