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The movie Ivanhoe by MG studios describe a life of a medieval knight from the 12th century in England, the movie starts with Ivanhoe trying to find king Richard who was captured in battle in the last crusade in Austral. Now his evil brother prince john is trying to take the thrown because his absents and convince the people that the king is dead. Ivanhoe was passing by several castles then passes by this one and finds in Austral the king then the king toss Ivan a note. Then Normans cross Ivan pass their leader DeBois the guy which whom works for prince john then they ask Ivanhoe a good place to stay. Ivanhoe take them to Cedric (Ivanhoe’s dad) and Rowena   (Ivanhoe’s love) but Ivanhoe is disowned by hi dad for going into that battle with the king but Cedric doesn’t Ivan there. Then the movie ended with a toast to Ivanhoe not there.

On Thursday the movie stared with the man in the at the table   hooded robe was Ivanhoe then Ivan get's Wamba their loyal jester to help Ivan get king Richard as Ivan was getting a horse two thief’s were robbing an Issac an old man Ivan and Wamba save the man and tie's up the thief's as bring the man home his daughter Rebecca looking from a window. As Ivan was going to his room   some one was trying to go out the window... Then Ivan gets the messenger who was Rebecca trying to give him some jewelry in order to trade for armor and a war horse for a joust {vs} the Normans then Ivan choose all five of the Normans as Ivan was jousting the second two last person he was wounded they asked him if he wants to quit but he said no. Then when he jousting the at the last minute Ivan falls of his horse hurt badly they are bring him to his tent if they attend this wound he soon would bleed out then they bring Ivan to Issac and Rebecca house. The movie ends with the evil prince john say to his men to go capture Ivanhoe and anyone else who Is helping him.

On Wednesday De Bois captured Wamba,Rebecca,Issac,Cedric, and Rowena they took...


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