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Biomedical Engineering. A way to help people

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Readers. Engineering department.
Biomedical Engineering. A way to help people
Engineering is exactly what it sounds like. We “play,” sketch, install, and create new electrical and mechanical devices. Every electrical invention has to do with engineering. Circuits, transistors, and microchips are some of the tools that engineers use to fix, build, and modify electric devices. Think of how many devices you use throughout the day. I am sure no one can go through a short period of time with out depending on an electrical device, from the fridge in the kitchen to the cellphone in a pocket. All are essential devices that are available thanks to engineers. Electrical devices can save lives too, even though electricity can be lethal, doctors that use machines to make their jobs easier run hospitals, and sometimes the doctors are completely dependent on these machines to diagnose, revive, or even keep a patient alive. These machines are manufactured by non-else than engineers that mastered in medical equipment engineering, or “Biomedical engineering.”
Biomedical engineering is similar to electrical engineering. A student in a biomedical engineering major will work with circuits, transistors, and microchips just like the engineering major student. In fact, a student can only master in biomedical engineering if he graduated with a bachelor in engineering. The only difference between the two is a biomedical engineer will work with the medical field, whereas the general engineers will work with machines or electrical devices in general.
I always thought I wanted to be a doctor, but I was never a fan of memorizing. Nevertheless, I still wanted to help people. After dropping out of medical school, I did my research and soul searching and it led me to the major biomedical engineering. I fell for it immediately. I talked to my uncle, who has a PhD in biomedical engineering, and he got me hooked even more. I knew I had to be a biomedical engineer. When I was applying to...


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