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A Criminal Should Be Cured Before Punishment or Not.

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A criminal should be cured before punishment or not.
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                                In my opinion I do not think it is necessary to cure or educate a criminal before giving punishment. As, for every there is a consequence. If a child wants to learn a cycle then he learns by hurting himself. In same way if a criminal commit a crime then he learn his mistake only by hurting himself at that is punishment.
                                The women or the victim of the crime may never walk again, or talk and behave like normal people for the example victim of a rape if she is alive then also she thinks herself as a dead, and she is not able to live a life of happiness. The reason behind her sadness is the rapist in same way other criminal also destroy peoples (victim) life.
                                  The person, who will ignore the crime and the criminal by thinking that he learnt his lesson, will be a big idiot, because he may have leaved the criminal to do another crime. Crime chart shows that more than fifty percentage of criminal do the same kinds of things and crime which they did before and because of which they were in prison.
                              According to me a criminal should be punished for his deed rather than giving lectures to them and educate them to change themselves. As, there is a proverb “prevention is better than cure” it is better to take action or precaution against crime to prevent it than to cure that thing which can attack us again and tackle a misfortune.


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