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‘It Was Inevitable That the Bolsheviks Would Win the Civil War’

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‘It was inevitable that the Bolsheviks would win the civil war’
I believe this is statement is true as the Bolsheviks had many advantages over the whites making them unbeatable and therefore were able to win the civil war.
One of the main advantages the Bolsheviks had was that they were mostly in the centre of Russia, which meant they had control over major cities like Petrograd and owned many factories which they used to produce weapons needed to fight in the civil war. Peasants who lived in Petrograd were starving to death and forced to share a lot of their grain and give it to the armed guards for them to send to the soldiers fighting and though many tried to protest against them they were either taken to prison for months without trial or shot. This was a very violent way to deal with the rebellions but it shows how strict and strong Trotsky their leader was.
Trotsky led the Red Army very well so that the opposing sides stood no chance against them. He managed to travel on the war trains with the soldiers giving orders and transporting essential supplies which was a major advantage as they could have more troops and supplies securely transported with no interruption from the whites as they had access to some the rail roads. Trotsky also set up a Red Army Propaganda train which was used to spread communist ideas across Russia gaining the Bolsheviks more support from the people, as well as this he made all non-Bolshevik papers banned so that everyone in Russia only read about the Bolshevik point of view and never knew any better making their armies and supporters stronger. Trotsky was a very brutal but determined leader which was a massive advantage as although he may have been violent towards the peasants of Russia forcing them to give all the food they grew to the Red Army, the whites had many different leaders making them united and it very hard for them to communicate especially as they were in lots of different countries.
The Whites however had a few...


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