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Sen Task 1

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Special educational needs has a legal definition, it means a child who has learning difficulties that makes it harder for them to learn and understand than other children of the same age. A child with learning difficulties or a form of disability will then need special educational needs. The need to be provided with extra help to enable them to obtain the same level of education as the other children and anything that they need that will give them the same opportunities as the other children. The school has an SEN policy that is a legal requirement. A child has special educational needs if he or she has learning difficulties that calls for special educational provision to be made. These children may need extra or different help from that given to other children. Children with special educational needs may require extra help because of a range of needs: thinking and understanding, physical or sensory difficulties, emotional and behavioural difficulties, speech and language, relating and behaviour with other people. So special educational needs could mean that a child has difficulties with: all of the work in school, reading, writing, number work or understanding information, expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying, behaving properly in school and relating to others, some kind of sensory or physical needs which may affect them in school. Many children will have special educational needs of some kind at some point during their education and it is important to identify these needs as early as possible, to make sure there is support for the child straight away. It states in my schools SEN policy that the policy builds on the school inclusion policy, which recognises the entitlement of all pupils to a balanced, broadly based curriculum, the SEN policy reinforces the need for teaching that is fully inclusive. They follow the SEN code of practice to give practical guidance on how to identify, assess and support children with SEN. The SENCO plays a...


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