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How to Fight Terrorism

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How to Face Terrorism and Come off the Victor
Terrorism and the combating thereof have battled each other since the time the two were founded. One question that all have to ask themselves when in connection to combating Terrorism is how to undertake such a task; is there an effective way in which combating these actions have been effective? This is the question, in which this paper hopes to address. 
There are many a different way in which to combat terrorism. The most likely of ones to ease tensions tend to be ones that use peace and mediation as its platform. The idea of fighting violence with kindness, talks and understanding is a strategy that seems a little farfetched. But it is those that fight violence with violence, in truth beget more violence. Take into account events like that of Beslan where.....There is even the fact that in Northern Ireland, when the British military moved into the island the simple peace marches became extremely violent and this helped trigger more violence toward the English State, and their hand in the Ulster area. …find more like maybe the middle east....
As you can see being able to fight terrorism with violence instead of heading to a stop or end point in fact helps fuel the fire and leads to more violence in the form of revenge. Take again for example the area of Northern Ireland specifically that of the bog side of Derry. Bloody Sunday in January 1972, when British military personal, in a specially trained regiment known as the   entered the two block area where the incident took place, (see figures 1 and 2) and shot some twenty six people killing thirteen and seriously injuring the other thirteen in the course of thirty minutes.
This Sunday became known as Bloody Sunday and bloody it was. It was quite unnecessary. It strikes me that the Army ran amok that day and shot without thinking what they were doing. They were shooting innocent people. These people may have been taking part in a march that was banned but that does...


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