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Another person is dead. That's 3 in for weeks. All from the same cause. A heart attack. The police have given me a warning to stay away from the investigation but they ruling it off as natural causes. I know that's not true. How? The voices are getting louder, at first the victims were quitw and happy and then all I hear is the panic... I can't tell anyone about this- I'm already labeled the towns lunatic. I have a sixth sense. I have visions of past, present and future happenings. Hah! Most people think I'm crazy. I'll show them crazy... I've already figured out something that they haven't put together. The 3 people murdered are connected to the leading investigator... Shaveer Cullen.         J.                                                                                                                                             OOleander... The smell... Muffed voices- lily?... Panic! 'I woke up sweating from that dream. Lily's voice was filled with panic. She was the latest victim. She'd only been in town a few weeks. She and some other regulars had attended the same college- shaveen included- and as soon As she got into town they've been getting mighty close and then BAM! Not that I think Shaveer is the killer but its definitely someone who knows him... A friend or foe?   I know the police told me to keep away but I've got a reputation of not following instructions. Step 1: visit the latest crime scene and then I should pay a visit to Mr Cullen, I'd like to see what all these women are dying for


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