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Clearwater Beach

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Clearwater Beach
My mom, sister and I are in the car listening to music on the radio as we make our way down the street and turn in to the parking lot for the beach. The sun is blaring hot; I can feel the heat coming off the asphalt. We grab our beach bag and make our way to the opening in the gate. I can hear the waves crashing ashore, birds chirping in the air above me, and people laughing and kids playing around me.
We walk over to a spot where there are barely any people, and lay out each towel next to each other. I grab the tanning oil and rub it on my body, the smell of tanning oil, which smells like coconuts.   I walk past a group of people and I see a pink polka-dotted binki on a dark-skinned girl listening to rap, while her friends build a sand castle. I get closer to the water and I can smell the salt from the water, almost taste it. I reach the shore line and leave my sister and mom tanning. As I stand on the shoreline I can smell the sea, which smelt the fish. I look down in the water and could see little broken pieces of shell, small fish and sand. I can hear little kids running around behide me. I walk my way out to knee high water a felt the sand ooze through my toes and sat down. I let the waves rush against me and knock me over. I let the sea wash through my hair and the sun beat down on my face.
I notice white and black segues with orange beaks flying high above the beach searching for food as I make my way back to the shore. I get out of the water and walk up the beach to my towel sit down and try to wipe off the sand stuck to the bottom of my feet, which feel like im stepping in mud. I take a drink of my cold water, when I feel I drip of really cold water come off the bottle onto my leg. I dry my body and my hair off with an extra towel with Elmo on it. I grab a Ziploc baggie of some Lay's BBQ chips out of the big pink and orange bag. I put my headphones in, push play to listen to some Cute Is What We Aim For “fourth drink instinct” and open...


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