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The Family Picture

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The Family Picture
Stacey Jones
ENG 121:   English Composition 1
Instructor:   Aarika Chilson
Ashford University
March 19, 2013

    I look at the only family picture, which was ever made of my family.   It was made February 2, 2011.   The three people in my family picture are Edward, Zachary and I.   It was a new chapter in our lives.  
    Zachary was a gift from heaven.   Edward and I were up in age, and had not thought of having children.   When, all of a sudden I was pregnant with my son Zachary. First we were stun then, surprised and all of a sudden I got very afraid.   Here I was a middle age women having a baby.   I never thought this was in my future.   After reality set in we were so happy that we were about to be parents.   I for the first time in life, and it would be Edward fifth son.   By the time I was eight weeks along, we started thinking of names Edward knew we were having a boy.   We wanted a name from the Bible but the closes we found, that we liked was Zachary.   So by October that’s what we started calling him.   At time went on I and Zachary were getting wicker and wicker.   I was hospitalized in December and was to stay there until Zachary was born.   Edward moved right in to the hospital with me.   The only time he left was to go to work.   We were in this all the way he said, that my boy too.   By December 22nd it didn’t look good for Zachary he was not getting enough fluid to grow to term.   My doctor suggested that they deliver Zachary now to give him a better chance of living.   I got very worried, Edward was still at work and I had to make this chose all on my own for the family.   Gladly Edward made it in time to go in the delivery room with me (Thank you God) I prayed.  
    It took about two and a half hours and there he was, so tiny you could fit him in your hand he was so small and so hansom.   There was trouble putting me back together.   Once I was out of the woods, there was Edward, Ant Brenda and my cousin Dee-Dee who is also my sons...


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