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1. SWOT Analysis of Intel
Strength     * Continuous product development;     * Expansions   * R& D; innovation   * Strong brand equity; 1st Choice   * Relationship with suppliers; S   * Successful and creative marketing campaigns; educating consumers | Weakness   * Product pricing expensive than competitor   * Predominant focus on innovation rather than on customer orientation   * Dependency sales of product on other’s products   * Ability to not look beyond processors towards the bigger picture |
Threat   * Erosion of market share through indirect competitor’s from mobile’s and tablets   * New direct competitor for processing chips   * IT developments rendering utility of PC’s, laptops obsolete   * Economic slowdown | Opportunities   * Increased focus on customer product requirement   * Extended product line   * Broaden scope avenues for investments   * New target market   * Simplification of communicating about product to consumers |

Having established its ground as the biggest microprocessor company of the world, Intel has been able to capitalize based on product specialization and product reengineering. By using innovative marketing campaigns to imprint the importance of a processor in a laptop and evolving and informing the customer about the changes brought forward Intel has developed itself as the biggest market player in the industry. With time though and the slowdown of the Laptop industry the focus it seems to have been diverted from what drives customer needs and requirements and towards how to get about increasing product sales. Product-development and product market expansion can take a Company only so far and with their vision of looking towards the future it is essential that focus is diverted towards diversification. The diversification strategy for Intel can be in related products such as mobile technology or into other IT fields. The options for expansion are limitless as the industry itself is based on innovation. Powerful hardware...


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