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Time in Life You Failed

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Last month, for the first time in my life, I failed miserably. It's a mistake I have decided to never do again.It was a Friday night, an event in which all teens look forward to. However, this friday would be the worse one of my life. It began as just an old friend texting me saying less hangout its been a long time". I replied Sure lets do it. The old friend arrived at my house and picked me up and we were going to sonic.
We backed out of my driveway.   The whole time we were both in aw of how each other had changed. After about 10 minutes of driving I asked my friend what was the odor in his car he said nothing and I thought nothing of it. Finally we pull up at sonic and began catching up and eating. Soon after finishing eating we left sonic and decided to go to downtown Franklin. We came through downtown Franklin once and were turning around to come back through and a cop turned his lights on behind us.
As we pulled over I saw my friend pull out some marijuana, and some rolling papers and throw them to the floor, but the cop saw him do it. So we were removed from his car and searched on the street.   This process took all of 6 mins tops, and the whole time I was nervous and shocked at the same time. Then the cop came back around and arrested both of us and took us to juvenile. The whole ride there I was crushed. All I could think of was "What are my parentsabout to sa to this"? I was charged with constructive possesion because I was in the car with him.
I had to spend the whole weekend in Juvenile because of this guy I called my "friend". Me being in juvenile the whole weekend made me miss editing my MTEC essay, my piano peformance at church, and also cause my parents alot of hurt.
While I was there I had plenty of time to think about this stupid mistake I had made. I knew the guy had a past of smoking ,but I ignored that little voice in my head and still chose to go out with him. And because of that dumb decision I missed out on some beneficial things for...


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