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Changes in Significance of Strawberry Hill

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What is the significance of Strawberry Hill?

In order to truly understand the significance of Strawberry Hill, it is important to consider not only the short-term implications of the build but also the long-term significance in the fact that it has survived. A range of factors must be contemplated, such as the vogue of the time as well as social normalities previous to Walpole’s work and those which followed. Other factors of significance to be considered are that of his literary efforts, architectural, decorative and significance in its’ publicity. Furthermore, in this essay it is necessary to deliberate if Walpole’s creation was foremost a base from which architectural styles developed into, or whether it was reflective of the fashions which he adopted and as well as their successes.

Up until Walpole began building his ‘little plaything house’, the style most prominent in 18th century England was the classical. The new style was introduced at the beginning of the 1700’s through the formation of a government of Whigs, whom gained power on the accession of George I in 1714. The classical style reached a national consensus as the most appropriate style in which to build. However, by the end of the century, this new consensus reached an end, and with it marked the end of a single national style in England. Explanations for this have been studied by various architectural historians and writers, and many if not most consider the Gothic revival as a key element of this. So where
aristocrats pioneered the classical, it is evident not all aristocrats conformed. In this essay the focus must be upon Horace Walpole who designed and built with his ‘Committee of Taste’, Strawberry Hill in 1749. The historic home is debated upon by architects and commentators widely for matters relating to its historical accuracy and controversy of style. When addressing the time period, S-Hill’s style was in stark contrast to the works of other famous Georgian buildings,...


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