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Highly Effective Teacher

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Highly Effective Teacher
Teaching is a profession with noble goals- moulding students who will
determine the future of the nation, developing them to their full potential
and nurturing them into good citizens, conscious of their responsibilities
to family, society and country. Unlike other professions, much of the work
a teacher does is intangible.

Sweeping changes in the society impels and necessitates change in the
way we teach. Education is no longer chalk and talk method of learning
where teacher is the sage on the stage. Today education is student
centric where the teacher is a facilitator in the process of learning, which
is practical in his approach and global in his trend.
The most exciting aspect of teaching is that it is a creative outlet. You
cannot make a difference in the lives of your students until you make a
difference in your own life. If you urge to teach, you must never cease to
When recalling their own schooling, people tend to remember the best
and worst of their teachers and the impact these teachers had in their
lives. Teachers whose ability to motivate, encourage, understand and
care inspired students and provided a positive school experience which in
turn contributed to students’ success in their later lives. Other teachers
who were unable to do these things made school a negative and
unproductive experience for their students. A negative experience with
just one teacher is enough for a student to get into a conflict cycle and
keep absenting himself from school.
Effective teachers set realistic individual expectations for students and
give positive acknowledgment when they are achieved. Teachers’ quality
of empathy and sensitivity can only be present if teachers have an
understanding of each student’s cultural and student home backgrounds.
The ability to develop and sustain good relationships is a major element
in the profile of effective teachers. Such relationships require...


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